Our Open Door Policy

Inspired Senior Healthcare takes great pride in our reputation as a standard-bearer for seniors’ rights and overall quality of life. Our good name is based on integrating our mission, our organizational philosophy of service, and our core principles into every relationship we form with residents, families, and team members. It’s one of the reasons Inspired Senior Healthcare stands for integrity and excellence in the assisted living field.

Because of our firm belief in giving our all to our residents and their families, we ask for their assistance in monitoring the quality of service being given. If at any time you feel as if the service our team is giving is less than their best, we want to hear about it from you. We will immediately take steps to correct the situation, and work closely with team members to ensure the oversight or error does not occur again in the future. We encourage anyone with a connection to Inspired Senior Healthcare to reach out with any concerns or complaints they may have in regards to the service we provide, our employee relations, policy issues, ethical dilemmas, or any other issue you deem relevant to improving the level of service we provide.

At Inspired Senior Healthcare, we believe the best way to resolve issues is to approach the community, team, or individual directly to see if our on-site leadership can find resolution. We will respect you anonymity if that is your wish, and do whatever is necessary to resolve the problem. However, if the problem persists, we ask that you contact our Executive Director to file a report by email at info@inspiredseniorhc.com.