Reflections at Moraine Ridge

Green Bay, WI
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Our Mission – Compassion is at the Heart of our Care

At Reflections, our mission is, and will always be, offering the finest, most compassionate care to those living with memory loss by providing a homelike, secure environment. Everything – from the paint to the lighting, the carpets to the linens – is designed to be soothing, comfortable, and familiar. We feature a individualized approach to care that recognizes and reinforces every resident’s uniqueness, their abilities, and their potential – now and in the future.

As part of our mission to care for those with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, we focus on building relationships with the family to better understand their loved one’s needs and desires. This connection cannot be overvalued, and provides one of the cornerstones of great memory care. We offer support to both residents and their families during the entire process of developing an individualized care plan that addresses the resident’s needs both now and their continued care needs in the future.

But Reflections goes beyond just caring for your loved one with memory loss, we improve the overall quality of their life. They deserve the finest care and the utmost respect, and the well-trained and highly-skilled team at Reflections can provide both in equal measure. We help residents maximize their potential through daily activities and structured support. Through recognizing and validating each resident’s interests, habits, and preferences, we can best develop an overarching, meaningful care plan that targets the mental, physical, social, and medical aspects of their care.

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